Telecommunication system comprising platform for activation and control of telephony services


Services platform (3) linking a services network (1) with a telephony network (2) and providing, to components (4,5) of the services network, access to components (PSTN, GPRS, UMTS, INMARSAT etc) of the telephony network. First adapters (9) invoke telephony components using several different telephony related protocols, while second adapters (13) invoke service components (11) using different protocols. Service components (11) are fit for execution of a consistent set of actions in the telephony network (2), communicated to and/or from the telephony network via the relevant first protocol adapter or adapters (9), under control of said components (4, 5) of the services network, communicated to and/or from the services network via the relevant second protocol adapter of adapters (13). The service components preferably are implemented as Enterprise JAVA Beans (EJB): the first and-or second adapters (9) Message Driven beans, and the service components (11) Session Driven (SD) beans, exchanging data with one or more Entity beans (14)