Telecommunication method and system


Data/voice chatting, wherein a first user 81) exchanges tet inormation with a second user (2) via a chat server 86a). The first user requests via the chat server a telephone connection with the second user. The chat server transmits a request to the second user and the second user transmits a respons. If the response code is positive, a telephone subserver (13) establishes the requested telephone connection. In a prior step, each user may register his/her telephone number in the chat server or telephone server. Alternatively, the second user may enter her/his telephone number which is registered with an ID code linked to it, which ID code is transmitted to the first user. The first user makes a telephone call and transmits the value of said ID code to the telephone server. The value of the received ID code is matched with the registered ID codes, after which the telephone server establishes the requested connection between the first user’s and the second user’s telephone terminals (9, 10).

WO and EP