Telecommunication system


Telecommunication system comprising a services platform (3) fit for linking a services network (1) with a telephony network (2). The services platform preferably has a modular design and comprises a Common Call Layer part (8), comprising network adapters (9) fit to connect the services platform (3) to the telephony network (2) or certain distinct parts, PSTN, GPRS, UMTS, INMARSAT etc., of it. Moreover the services platform comprises a Service Component Layer part (10), comprising service components (11) fit for activating and/or controlling different kinds of telephony services in the telephony network (2) and a Common Service Access Layer part (12), comprising service adapters (13) fit for invoking said service components (11). The services platform provides access to control features of telephony networks. Its modular design makes the platform independant of actual network technologies. Network adapters (9) connect the services platform to the telephony network. Service components (11) and services adapters (13) define the actual functionality offered to a service developer. The services platform allows telecom services to be developed in a very short time using generic application development tools and technologies.