Hacking a Ziggo Remote Control

While working on the Loewe TV remote I discoverd a blog post where someone was investigating a problem with a Ziggo remote control. The remote was draining the button cell batteries in a few days. In the post it was mentioned that the remote contains a MC9S08RD32DWE. The same one I was working on in the Loewe remote. I went out to the thrift store again and bought three of these Ziggo remotes.

Ziggo matrix

pin C0 pin C1 pin C2 pin C3 pin C4 pin C5 pin C6 pin C7
pin A0 volume up tekst mode 7 4 1 red -
pin A1 epg info 0 8 5 2 green -
pin A2 folder live tv standby 9 left 3 yellow -
pin A3 cancel stop program down down 6 up blue -
pin A4 rewind record music ok right - - -
pin A5 forward play mute program up - - - -
pin A6 av terug volume down pause menu - - -
pin A7 - - - - - - - -