Martin van der Werff

Martin van der Werff

CTO and Senior consultant

NewTelco BV

NewInnovations BV

About Martin

Martin van der Werff is the co-founder and CTO of NewTelco BV, a dutch telecommunications company specializing in audio and video conferencing services. Popular brands are NewConference, Konferenco and Teminar.

Martin is also working as a senior consultant at NewInnovations BV in the broad area of telecoms, electronics and information technology. Additionally he develops analog and digital hardware products and participates in open source projects.

In October 2021 Martin re-joined TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) as Senior Scientific Specialist in the area of data eco systems.

  • Telecoms
  • Electronics
  • High-end audio
  • Information Technology
  • MSc Electrical Engineering, 1992

    University of Twente, Enschede, NL

  • VWO, 1987

    Kamerlingh Onnes, Groningen, NL

Work experience

Senior Scientist Specialist
Oct 2021 – Present Groningen
Research into big data, international data spaces, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence
Jan 2008 – Present Groningen
Co-founder and CTO of the NewTelco conferencing provider. Architect and primary developer of the communications platform, billing platform and supporting web systems. Responsible for the data centers and telecommunications infrastructure.
Senior consultant
Jan 2008 – Present Groningen
Freelance developer, consultant and project manager
Jan 2005 – Dec 2005 Groningen
GnTel is a spin-off created by TNO Telecom for the commercial exploitation of the WebTel platform. Main role was to be the technical lead in the creation of this company. Implemented a carrier-grade telecom interconnect with KPN based on the C7/ISUP protocol using the Telesoft Okeford platform. Coordinated the implementation of several web/telecom integration projects with pilot customers.
Senior Scientist
Jan 2003 – Dec 2007 Groningen
Lead scientist in the development of the WebTel communication platform. The WebTel platform provided web-based service interfaces like SOAP, REST and plain HTTP to carrier grade telecommunication equipment. Thus enabling the creation of many new services between web and telecom. Several projects were conducted in close cooperation with KPN.
Programme manager
Jan 1997 – Dec 2002 Groningen
Responsible for the definition and execution of KPN’s R&D projects in the area of satellite communications. Involved in several European and international collaboration projects, like Tribune and ACTranS.
Project manager
Mar 1992 – Dec 1996 Groningen
Responsible for the development and support of Station 12’s Sat.400 gateway between Inmarsat-C and X.400 email systems